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I watched the first two or three episodes of this show, and I don't recall having too much of an impression at that point. Months and months later, I finally came back to Aria and, in retrospect, I shouldn't have waited so long. Aria is now one of my favorite shows of all time. It was the type of show where I had to give it a few episodes before adjusting to its pace. I find watching most episodes of Aria to be an uplifting relaxation experience.


Akari walks down the stairs in the morning and is very surprised when she steps into water at the bottom of the steps.

It's her first Acqua Alta ("High Water"), an annual high tide that brings Neo Venezia to a standstill. The people stay inside and relax during this time.

Alicia reminds her to get President Aria's food, and Akari decides to walk the flooded streets instead of using her gondola. This unusual decision is the start of her adventures.

The set of sketches I have is from the very end of the episode.

Thanks very much to CrystalNova for subtitling the Aria series.

And now, extra special thanks to Rightstuf/Nozomi for licensing Aria the Animation for R1.

 Aria the Animation #02: Alicia & Akira

 Aria the Animation #02: Aika

 Aria the Animation #02: Akari, Aika & President Aria

 Aria the Animation #02: Akari, Aika & President Aria

 Aria the Animation #02: Akari & Akira

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 Aria the Natural Episode 05: Akari

 Aria the Natural Episode 10: Lord of the Cats Puppet (112 KB Animated GIF)

 Aria the Natural Episode 10: Akari

 Aria the Natural Episode 19: SD Aika and Akari

 Aria the Natural Episode 19: Alice and Akari

 Episode 19: Aika & President Hime

Curator: Conri
Gallery Created: 7/18/2005