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This was a fun ride. Amazing background music and plenty of references and parodies from sentai shows to tentacle monsters to Kenshin. Lots of twists in this show, and far less fanservice than I initially feared. Episode eight is probably the point most people get hooked if they're gonna be hooked. Despite the big cast, they did a pretty good job of characterizing most of them. I found the Child designs much more interesting than the 'traditional' boxy, humanoid-based mecha.

 Episode 01 Mikoto versus Duran

 Episode 01: Natsuki (113 KB GIF)

 Episode 01: Duran

 Episode 01: Natsuki (115 KB GIF)

 Episode 11: Shizuru

 Episode 14: Natsuki to the rescue II (285 KB GIF)

 Episode 14: Natsuki

 Episode 14: Natsuki to the rescue I (139 KB GIF)

 Episode 20: Mai and Natsuki

 Episode 20: Mysterious HiME

Curator: Conri
Gallery Created: 7/18/2005