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Episode 18. Towards the end of the episode, snow has covered the ground outside, and the friends decide to go outside and play. A snowball fight starts up, and Chiyo falls victim to Kagura. Or so everyone thinks, until Sakaki dives to the rescue...

This is one cut, composed 150 roughs, genga, shuusei, and douga. While it was never on my wishlist (and indeed, I never found the AzuDai items that used to be among my "wishes"), it's a neat set for me to have won. It's decently long for an action cut (many are quite short to "add" to the sense of movement or possibly for 'easier' animation), and it prominently features both Chiyo and Sakaki. In my opinion, it is one of the coolest single cuts in the entire animation.

If you can only check out one of the animations, I recommend the douga GIF animation. It's the cleanest and the most complete. All three GIF animations are rather large, so please be aware of the size in the titles.

Snowball Catch

Crazy facts: The thirteen items below are from 141 sketches scanned. Since scanner companies think the average consumer only uses legal size paper, and I want to scan the entire sketch including sequence number and registration holes, this cut took a total of 282 scans stitched together. It could have been 300, but I decided not to scan the nine rough sketches that were stapled together. Allotting about two minutes per scan and editing, plus the editing time for multiple animated GIFs, this took approximately fourteen hours to finish. In reality, I worked on this over a few weeks, and it took a lot more than fourteen hours. I'm not a robot.

Was it worth it? I think so. It took me over a year to work myself up to tackling and finishing the task, but I'm immensely satisfied that this project is done. Now to scan the other hundreds of sketches waiting in line...

 Genga A1

 Genga vs. Shuusei A2

 Genga vs. Shuusei A3

 Genga vs. Shuusei A4

 Genga vs. Shuusei B6

 Genga Bア and Bイ

 Genga B10

 Genga vs. Shuusei B13

 Genga vs. Shuusei B14

 Genga vs. Shuusei B16

 Genga Animated GIF (609 KB)

 Shuusei Animated GIF (617 KB)

 Douga Animated GIF (444 KB)

 Larger Version Douga GIF (624 KB)

 2007 Anime Beta Awards - Animated Sequence

Curator: Conri
Gallery Created: 7/18/2005