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These are rough sketches and layouts from the last episode of Mai HiME, so if you haven't seen Mai HiME yet and plan to, please turn back now. Like most anime, it is better unspoiled.

Many people didn't like the final twist in episode 26, but I thought it was pretty enjoyable, especially considering how the series started. The sketches below are in the same order the sequences appear in the show. Sketches from a few sequences inbetween are missing.

HiME Sentai, engage!

 Episode 01: Mikoto

 Episode 01: Mikoto

 Episode 13: Shiho hugging octopus



 Shiho, Yukariko, Akane


 Shizuru, Yukino, Nao


Curator: Conri
Gallery Created: 7/18/2005