My-HiME #25

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These are rough sketches and layouts from the second to last episode of Mai HiME, so if you haven't seen Mai HiME yet and plan to, please think about turning back now. Like most anime, it is better unspoiled.

I like this set very much, so I decided to give each sketch a space and description, including some of my understanding of the animation process.

Most of these cuts also appear in the beginning of episode 26.

 Cut 330 #2: Miyu Platinum

 Cut 330 #4: Miyu Platinum

 Cut 332 #1: Miyu strikes!

 Cut 332 #2, 3, 4::Miyu Strikes!

 Cut 332 #5::Miyu Strikes!

 Cut 332 #6::Miyu Strikes!

 Cut 332 #7, 8::Miyu Strikes!

 Cut 332: 240KB Complete Merged GIF

 Cut 336: Miyu and Nagi

Curator: Conri
Gallery Created: 7/18/2005