Hikaru no Go #56

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I'm sure I'm strange. This headless full cut of sketches from episode 56 was my favorite of the sketches I owned from this episode, which included shots of Sai, Toya Meijin, Hikaru. When the time came to trim everything down, this is the one set I have kept. I love the uniqueness of the set, the moment of realization in the anime. To me, this sketch set as headless as it is, embodies the things I loved when I watched this show. The character growth of Hikaru from an immature child learning from Sai to someone who grows into a strong player and person, with his own personal flavor to his style of Go.

 Episode 56 Cut 86 Hikaru & Sai Layout

 Episode 56 Cut 86 Hikaru & Sai Genga

 HnG Episode 56 Cut 86/88 Hikaru & Sai Douga

Curator: Conri
Gallery Created: 7/18/2005